Getting started

I started this blog last December and my intent had been to faithfully logging my adventures in life and chemo.  Aaand, I promptly forgot about it.  Life got in the way, I didn’t want to talk about what was happening in my life.  Part of it was because I didn’t feel like sharing, part was laziness, and part was denial.  Anyway, I’m back.  I won’t vow to keep up daily, but I do want to build a new habit of placing my thoughts and experiences in place.  I hear that journaling is a positive experience and that writing your thoughts and feelings helps.

As far as what’s going on, I’m in my second week of Phase 4 in my chemo regimen.  I’m currently off steroids for the week, which is lovely.  My body doesn’t do well on steroids, no matter how low a dose.  I was finally able to get some sleep last night, which was lovely,

The chef and I are still on-and-off again with primal eating.  We KNOW that we feel better when we eliminate grains and sugar, but we still get waylaid by convenience and comfort.  However, we both are reaching the point of stomach upset and fatigue that we WANT to give it another go.  Will we be 100% or even 80/20%?  Probably not.  I’m not going to stress out on it.  But, we are both aware of how much better we both feel when we eat cleaner.

I woke up with heartburn today.  I did pretty good concerning grain yesterday, but Sunday was a gluttonous grain-fest and I paid for it dearly.  I took a carafate (a prescription for my ulcer) and waited a bit before scarfing down an avocado with salt and lime, a half a tomato, and a couple of eggs with some European butter and gouda.  I haven’t been able to even smell eggs without gagging since April, so this was a big score in my book!  Brekkie was tasty and satisfying and my stomach is a bit more settled.  Now we just need to get the kitchen cleaned up so I can whip up a week’s worth of tasty Paleo eats that I can just heat up since I know that I’m not going to feel up to cooking.  Right now I’ve been drooling over the yummy pics over at NOM NOM PALEO for inspiration.  The only iffy thing is that M uses fish sauce in almost all her recipes.  With a family full of fish allergy sufferers, I don’t know how to gauge what to use for substitutes.  I’ve never even smelled fish sauce.  How important is the flavor?  Should I substitute or just omit?  Maybe it’s time to drop her a line and ask.  Or I can just get my amazing chef husband to experiment for me.


**edit**- I love Facebook.  How else can I ask a woman, whom I have never met, that lives on the other side of the country as question about the importance of fish sauce?  It’s awesome, I tell ya!  Anyway, M graciously answered my question about the importance of the fish sauce in her recipes and gave me some tips on what to look for in alternative flavors.  The word of the day is umami.  Luckily, P works under a Japanese Master Chef and is well-versed in just what the hell that means.  He told me to look for earthy and pungent.  So…there ya go.

Signing off.



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