Grumpy pants

I’ve been hot and irritable today.  I slept on the couch for a couple of hours early this morning and woke up in a lot of pain, so today was an early lortab kinda day.  I usually handle it well, but some days are just kinda yuk.  In effect, I’ve been crabby.   The kids have been pretty understanding about it all, which is cool.

I made salsa for the first time ever.  I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it was great.  I hate jar salsa anyway, and since this was so easy to make, it will be my go to recipe.  I threw together some ground beef and white cheese dip and we had nachos for dinner.  C ate chips and the meat.  I’m still stoked that he ate the beef, as it was seasoned.  He usually won’t eat any sort of seasoned anything.  Win!

Mom came over and helped the kids make cards for P.  They turned out great and we can’t wait to him tomorrow.  I also made up a rub to season the pork butt for tomorrow’s ‘cue.  I didn’t measure anything, but here’s an approximation.  Let’s hope it doesn’t suck.

Dat Ass Rub

S & P


chili powder

garlic powder

ginger powder

mustard powder

a shake of dried onion


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