The Red Devil

Doxorubicin is red.  Like, Kool Aid red.  And it’s nasty.  It can burn your veins if it’s pushed too fast and you have to chew ice while you’re getting it because it causes mouth sores and you pee pink.  P says that he can see how bad it feels in my face.  Apparently, I get a nasty grimace while it’s getting pushed (it’s still not as bad as MTX and ARA-C) It’s called the Red Devil, and for good reason.  And I got to say goodbye to it today.  There is a maximum lifetime dose and I reached my peak today.  Yay!  Tomorrow is my last dose of Erwina and my last dose of chemo for the month.  I’m looking forward to the break.  I’m planning on joining a few friends for a craft session on Sunday and I signed the kids up for a Lowe’s Build and Grow workshop on Saturday. Today my mom took the kids to Stumphouse Tunnel and to the ice cream shop for gokarts.  They had a blast and they’re looking forward to going back.  C has been talking about the gokarts all day.  Thanks, mom!

Well, I’m off.  I’m really tired and achy so I’m going to take something for the pain and rest.  Ta!


2 responses to “The Red Devil

  1. Sounds unbelievable and excruciating, wish that my friend didn’t have to go through it. I am glad that the kids are staying busy with your mom and that you are able to take a craft class with them at Lowes, that is a great idea actually. I should look into doing something like that with Griffin at Michael’s. I honestly don’t know what to say when I comment because it hurts me that you are going through this but sometimes I think that I say stupid things that don’t sound right. I don’t want to offend you or make things weird between us. I haven’t heard from you so I think that maybe I have said something wrong. Have I?

  2. If you have a Lowes close by, they have a build and grow workshop for free every weekend. I’ve never done it before but I’ll let you know how the kids like it.

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