Adobo Chicken

I’m exhausted.  Chemo kicked my butt this week, but I hope to be on the mend by this weekend.  I did get a nice surprise today though.  There was some miscommunication at P’s place of work and they thought he was going to be out today, so he got to come home!  We threw together a quick dinner that was primal compliant and everyone enjoyed it.  I sauteed some squash and a vidalia with some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and the last of the European butter.  I’ve enjoyed this butter, but I miss my local roll butter.  I plan on getting some soon.

We also tried out a new recipe today.  I made Adobo Chicken from Three Squares.  I used chicken wings instead of drumsticks and I subbed coconut aminos instead of tamari and we grilled it.  It turned out great and we will use this recipe again.

If I’m up to dessert later I plan on making some more nommy magic shell over ice cream.  I really miss mom’s peach ice cream topping that she threw together last year.  We’re hoping that we can recreate it this year ’cause that stuff was the bomb!

Now I just need to clear some counter space and roast some bones for broth and then I’ll be finished for the night.  Which is good ’cause I’m so damn tired and I just want to sleep.


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