Lessons learned

I feel like crap.  P called the office first thing this morning because I felt so bad.  We were thinking that I needed a blood transfusion since I’ve been so tired and weak and there were some other issues that started last night.  I managed to get an appointment for a CBC and they ended up checking my electrolytes,  too.  Well, the good news is that my blood work looks good, but my white counts are a little low, but borderline.  The bad news is that I’ve got thrush and my blood sugar is 600.  Yee gads!  I know that the prednisone  caused my blood sugar to go up, but it’s never been this bad.  I didn’t bother checking my BS this go around since I was on such a low dose of decadron and it was only for two weeks.  Now I know that I have  to check any time I’m going to be on a steroid.  If I had been keeping an eye on things, I would have been more vigilant about my diet and I wouldn’t have let laziness get in the way of proper nutrition.  I’m hooked up to an IV right now getting some fluids and we’re waiting for the doc to get back in so I can get some instructions on insulin dosage and how long I’m going to need to be on it.

Now I know why I feel so darn bad, though.  I wish it weren’t my blood sugar, but at least I don’t have to go in for a transfusion.  The blood sugar thing can be controlled easily enough, though.


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