Just dinnner

I’m still battling my blood sugar woes today.  I pretty much slept the whole day away.  P had to take care of everything since I was pretty much useless.   We made an enchilada casserole thing for dinner.  Here is the sauce  recipe…it was good and P said that it was really easy to make.  Here is the basic template we used for the casserole.  We used ground beef instead of chicken and it was a bit watery, but I don’t really know how to get around that.  It doesn’t really matter because it was still tasty.  I ate mine over some nutritionally deficit iceburg (for crunch) since the grocery store had slim pickins in the produce department.

I was going to make these pumpkin cake bar things for dessert, but I slept instead.  Perhaps I’ll make them tomorrow.  I will be making them soon, though.  I’ve been dying for sweets (another lovely steroid side effect) and even though I’ve been a good girl and kept it all sugar free, the SF treats taste like a chemical shit-storm in my mouth.  And they upset my stomach.  I know they aren’t worth it, but I’m caught between not giving a damn because I want some chocolate and worrying myself sick because who knows what all those chemicals are doing to me.

Anyway, I’m signing off.



2 responses to “Just dinnner

  1. those pumpkin bar things sound good, I love pumpkin. How do you eat and keep it down….I wonder. With Thomas, there was so much nausea and weight loss. Have you been keeping your weight up to a good level or has that been a challenge?

    • I go through phases, but I can eat for the most part. I’ve got great nausea meds. I’m actually managing to stay in the same 5 pound range, even though I could stand to lose weight. My docs aren’t pushing for me to lose or anything. I’m just saying that I”m not in any danger.

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