It’s gettin hot in here

Merlin’s balls, it’s hot.  The past two days have been bad, but today was unbearable.  I’m not proud to say it, but I spent the last half of today sequestered in the bedroom.  I invited the kids to hang out back here with me, as it’s the only cool room in the house, but they declined.  I made sure to frequently check on them and remind them to drink more water.  The dogs were smart and hung out on the bed with me.  I spent the day researching sourdough bread preparation.  While P and I lean primal, I’m not going to force it on the kids.  Yes, I want them to eat well, but I feel like forcing my kids to abstain from bread, pancakes, etc. will just lead to the whole wild preacher’s daughter thing later on in life.  I know there are a plethora of paleo baking recipes out there, but they rely on almond and other nut flours, and nuts are something that the kids and I have to have in moderation since they hurt our bellies.  The compromise that I’ve found is sourdough and gluten-free flours.  Since gluten-free bread is a landmine that I’m not ready for, I’m going to give sourdough a shot.  From what I’ve read, the whole fermentation process takes care of a lot of the gluten and toxin problems that we get from grain.  I’m currently on the hunt for a sourdough starter.  I figure that I’ve got to know somebody that has a batch.

Other things that are going on in the M household…well, P’s sister came into town this week.  We’re going for a visit tomorrow and we’re all excited to see her and her friend, S.  I’ll be excited to get a good visit in before chemo starts back next week.  I’m also gearing up to dogsit my mom’s pups again.  I love her two dogs, but it’s always pandemonium when they stay.  I’m also getting to go to a wedding later in the month!  One of my oldest and dearest friends is finally getting married and I can’t wait!  I’m so happy that I’m going to be at a stage of chemo that I’ll be able to attend.

That’s about it.  I made it into the kitchen a good bit this week.  It was a personal challenge to finally be able to cook dinner without getting myself sick, and I finally did it.  Oh!  Before I forget, I tried something new out with C…and it worked!  C has had feeding issues since he started solids, which is common with autism.  I’ve been trying to implement to “one bite” rule for a while, but it causes a lot of anxiety since new textures will usually incite the gag reflex.  Well, last night, I changed things up a bit.  I fixed up C’s plate to look the same as everyone else’s (which is new since I figured why bother wasting food he won’t eat) and I told him that he didn’t have to eat the new food, but he did have to smell and touch everything on his plate to his tongue.  Last night we had grilled chicken, stewed squash, roasted tomato with parm, sweet potato fries, and salad.  I made sure to leave some squash raw for C and included it with his salad and raw carrots (the only veg he will eat).  I must say that the experiment was a success.  He asked for clarification on the rule, did the smell/touch test on everything, and bit into the lettuce, raw squash, and sweet potato fry all on his own.  I was so happy that I could shit glitter.

Well, that’s all for tonight.  I’m sorry that I went without updates for a couple of days.  Mom came over two nights in a row and I was a busy girl.  We made it to our pitiful little farmer’s market on Thursday (I still got a good haul of heirloom toms, squash, strawberry jam for D, peaches, a baby watermelon, and some grapes and blueberries from the Happy Berry) and I made up some poppy seed dressing and custard for ice cream for a party mom was going to have.  We were hot so I just made a tarragon chicken salad and a tomato basil salad for dinner.  anyway, mom reports that the poppy dressing weighed down the lettuce in the watermelon and feta salad (but it was still tasty) and the peach cobbler/homemade coconut milk vanilla ice cream was a hit.

Well, I’m going to go stick my head in the freezer and wish I was sleeping in a meat truck.  It’s supposed to be another scorcher tomorrow.  Blech.


One response to “It’s gettin hot in here

  1. Yikes…I forgot the feta! But the salad was still good!

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