Experiments and ideas

P and I were both exhausted yesterday.  We were both working on a sleep deficit so we didn’t mind too much when we had to wait 3 hours for my chemo to arrive.  We had the cooking channel on (we forgot our books) and took naps.  The Ara-C is pretty nasty and it usually makes me pretty sick to my stomach.  I did a little experiment yesterday.  I started off the morning with a Carafate (an ulcer medication.  It turns into a slurry in my stomach and coats the ulcer for protection) and then I took a prilosec just before I got the chemo.  I didn’t get that ‘punched in the gut’ feeling when the nurse was pushing the chemo and I didn’t get an upset stomach at all yesterday.  yay!  I’m going to recreate the experiment today to see if it works again.  If it does, this will be a part of my daily medication since the Ara-C is brutal and I don’t want to be sick for the next two weeks.

P and I tried a new BBQ joint on the way home yesterday.  It was disappointing.  P was sad.  He loves a good BBQ and it is damn near impossible to find around here.  I don’t understand why.  We’re in South Carolina, for Pete’s sake.  Isn’t SC one of the BBQ hubs?  We even have our own style of sauce.  So why is good BBQ so hard to find here?  And why do they skimp on the sides?  They spend all this time focusing on the meat and then they pair it with prepackaged slaw and canned beans, instant hushpuppy mix, and frozen fries.  Yuck.  Anyway, P said that he wants to open a BBQ joint.  I am all for opening a restaurant with P, but I don’t want a BBQ joint.  No sawdust smell in my restaurant, thankyouverymuch.  I thought a compromise would work.  An upscale diner.  I don’t want a greasy spoon, and neither one of us want the headache of fine dining.  I’m thinking an upscale diner in the Charlotte area would work.  I’ve already started compiling a list of menu ideas to start trying out and P started working on rubs last night.  He tried one out on some chops.  We don’t have any sugar in the house, so it didn’t have that nice crust, but it had a good spice to it.  I think the restaurant thing could work.  It all that either one of us knows and P’s a damn fine chef.  We’ll see.  We’ve got two years to work on recipes and hash out details.  The rules?  Local, fresh, handmade, and simple. Yup.  In the right location, I think it could work.


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