I finally managed to make zucchini edible!  I sliced ’em into matchsticks, dried them on some paper towels, tossed ’em in some salt and garlic powder, threw some butter in the pan and roasted them @ 450 until brown.

Mom came over to sit with me tonight, but she was feeling bad.  She said that she didn’t get any sleep last night.  She hung out for a bit and ate dinner with us before she went home to get some sleep.  I hope that she’s able to catch up.

As for dinner, we’re working through leftovers right now.  I heated up a pork chop for C and he had his usual carrots and he did his touch test on some broccoli and a piece of raw zucchini.  D wanted chicken, so she had that with some broccoli (her favorite) and a piece of raw zuke.  Mom and I had roasted zukes, leftover tomato basil salad, and chicken salad in a red bell pepper boat.

I’m still trudging through chemo.  Ara-C still sucks, but the carafate/prilosec combo seems to be helping with the tummy issues.  I’m retaining water though.  I’ve gained 2-1/2 pounds since Tuesday and the swelling is getting visible.  My nurse at the cancer center commented on it today but she said that as long as I don’t go over 5 pounds in a week and my breathing is okay, then we won’t worry yet.  I’m concerned, but not worried yet.  I’m hoping that the water retention is related to the decadron that was put in my zofram at the infusion center.  I forgot to mention that little tidbit to my nurse today so I need to remember to let her know that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is P’s and my 8th anniversary.  He couldn’t take the day off since he took Tuesday and Wednesday off the be with me so I’m going to go to the restaurant and have dinner with mom and the kids tomorrow night.  Mom is going to take the kids home with her so P and I can have a night off.  We haven’t had a night alone together that didn’t include an impending hospital visit in, well, 7 months, so this will be a treat.  I wish I were feeling better for it, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.


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