Menu planning

We hope to have some changes in the Morgan household soon.  These will be awesome changes, but they come with a price.  Literally.  If this works out (I don’t want to say anything yet) we will be tightening our belts for a few months because P will have to take a cut in his hours at work.  We already live pretty well within our means, but we aren’t that good at budgeting.  It’s actually quite sad since I took a class on how to budget and everything.  We don’t have a lot of frivolous things, so there isn’t much room for cutting funds.  I would say that our only “luxury” is Netflix and we’re not quite at the point where it will have to go.  However, we do spend a lot on our grocery bill.

It’s not a good practice, I know, but we tend to hit the store on an “as needed” basis.  That means that we impulse shop and it adds to our gas bill.  I’ve loosely planned weekly menus and made it through one day .  I’ve planned detailed weekly menus and thrown them out the window.  This time, since I have to get in the habit before we feel the crunch, I’ve decided on a different planning approach.  I will plan a menu for one day.  There will be plenty of leftovers.  As for the rest of the week, I will rely on a supply of pre-cooked staples and a freezer full of veggies.  Easy peasy….I hope.  Anyway, I’m going to link dump the recipes I’m going to use and put up my “meal plan” for the sake of convenience.  I know it’s kind of tacky, so I apologize.

The “Big Meal” and meats will be cooked on Monday since that’s when P is home and we’re together as a family.  Also, Monday tends to be a slow day as far as appointments and errands go.

The Big Meal:

Strawberry Pulled Pork from Technically Paleo ( originally from Stuff I Make My Husband)

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese from StellaStyle

and this Red Cabbage Salad. (I will use spring onion in place of a regular onion because I don’t care much for raw onion)

Tha Staples:

Meats: burger patties and crumbles, chicken drumsticks and breasts

I was stoked to find a recipe for a Lawry’s type of seasoning salt.  I love Lawry’s but I can’ eat it.  It’s called Spicy Seasoning Salt.  I will be using this stuff on everything until I start getting complaints.

Roughage: veg and salad stuff

After talking with P, he has requested that I start keeping a quiche in the fridge at all times.  He says that it’s much easier for him to eat something light when he gets home from work and if he knows he’s got something to look forward to in the fridge, he’ll be less tempted to “make a quick run to the store” after work.  I’m cool with that since a quiche is one of the few ways that I can stomach egg these days.

So, for “breakfast” items, I’m going to make a:

Quiche – this week it will be bacon and cheddar

and I’m going to try out a Breakfast Casserole (with added cheddar).  If it goes well, meaning it doesn’t suck, I’ll probably keep one of those in the fridge as well.

And since I promised, the kids will be having ice cream sundaes to celebrate the first day of school.


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