Back to school…and other news

I goofed up last week, but it turned out to be a good thing.  I spent about two weeks thinking that school was starting back last Monday.  I was freaking out because I wasn’t ready.  I didn’t have all of my supplies lined up and I didn’t have a complete lesson plan.  When I looked back at the school calendar for our district (I loosely follow our school district’s calendar) I noticed that I was a week off.  What a relief!  I got my extra week to finish up the lesson plan, get to the library, and we’re heading out to pick up any last minute supplies while the sales are still hot.

I got my hickman removed this past Friday.  When they scheduled surgery, I was expecting to be put under, stitches, recovery time…the works.  Nope.  I got a mild sedation (I ended up chatting with the team the whole time) and they just yanked the catheter out.  The nurse explained that it was really just a huge IV.  It’s all good, though.  I didn’t have any trouble with bleeding (we weren’t sure if my platelets would end up being an issue) and I clotted well.  I’ve got a small bruise and knot where they pulled the hickman out, but that’s it.  I can shower today and I can submerge myself in about a week.  Yay!  As for the rest of chemo, I’m holding up rather well, so far.  I take my first dose of oral Methotrexate on Wednesday.  I’m a bit nervous because the other forms I’ve taken really mess with my stomach and apparently it’s kinda easy to overdose (which I found out causes a slow, painful, bleeding from the eyes type of death – thanks for sharing that story, Doc!).   Well, I trust my team.  The fact that she was so worried about it and she had three people check my dosage behind her is good enough for me.  I only got one month’s worth of  MTX, so I’ll be getting monitored pretty closely.

I still didn’t cook everything that I had planned last week.  I made the big dinner – the strawberry pulled pork was a bomb.  The meat itself is okay, but the sauce sucked.  P tried to doctor it, but we ended up just chucking it and using the array of bottled sauces that we had left in the fridge.  The rest of the meal was great, though.  I also made up a batch of Damn Fine Chicken for dinner last night and I served it with some sauteed mushrooms and a salad.  My mother-in-law took me and the kids out to dinner for my birthday and my mom babysat on Thursday night so we ended up just working through leftovers on the nights we were all together.  I started a batch of chicken broth yesterday so I could clear a bag of bones out of the freezer and D requested chicken soup for dinner tonight.  I guess that’s what we’ll be having.  I’m not sure what we’ll have with it.  I might make a loaf of bread to go with it.  I’ll grab a wheel of brie and the kids will probably want some PB&J.  I’m going to try to get C to try soup, but I’ve got leftover drumsticks if he doesn’t go for it.  He’s never really been a fan of wet foods so I’m not holding my breath.

Well, I think that’s it for now.  I’m still adjusting to this new schedule.  It feels so strange to have free time.  Let me rephrase that.  It feels strange to not have daily appointments.  As it stands, I’m only heading out to appointments one week a month.  That’s a huge difference between the weekly and sometimes daily visits that we’ve become so accustomed to.  It’s a bit lonely for me because P is working more and I’m home alone much more than I’m used to.  It’s a tough call.  With P working more, money is a bit less of a struggle (oh, the “thing” that P was going to do fell through.  It turned out to really not be worth it) but I really miss him.  It’s funny.  I often hear so many spouses and parents talk about how much they need breaks from their family and how they can’t wait until school starts or how they couldn’t homeschool because they need the break from their kids….I understand, at least I think I do.  They all drive me nuts some times.  But for the most part, especially now, I cherish my time with them.  I love being a part of their education and I love seeing them get interested in new subjects and making new discoveries.  I love seeing them grow.  I love spending time with my husband and I love that we enjoy our time together as a unit.  If nothing else has come of this horrible experience of getting cancer, I can say that I have gained a new sense of appreciation for my family.  I think we all have.


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