The dog is licking the couch…

Which has nothing to do with today’s post.  She’s just licking the couch.  She’s a strange one.   Anyway, today was our first day of school!  Instead of starting my day bright and early, I slept a good deal of it away and tried to combat the steroid grumps and the vincristine aches.  Fortunately, all should be back to normal in a day or two.  P took over studies for the first half of the day and I finished up later in the afternoon.  The kids also helped him smoke spices and make some BBQ sauce and he said that C helped him wash dishes and they all worked on learning to tie shoes.  D had her first kitchen accident this morning (she touched a hot pan) but it was minor and she still made her eggs for breakfast.  After I finally woke up and was able to form coherent sentences, I spent a while trying to figure out who we’re going to read about for C’s science lessons…and I think we’re gonna start with Tesla in celebration of The Oatmeal’s fundraiser.  I’m considering adding some Dr NGT for D’s astronomy lessons since he rocks socks, but since we’re studying the middle ages for history I want to keep with the time period for the biographies.

All in all, we had a slow start but I’m pretty happy with our first day of school.  There were minimal complaints and (other than my crabby ass) everyone was happy.  Now if I can just shake this headache everything will be peachy keen.


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