School’s out…never?

Today I am reminded of why we normally homeschool year-round.  Our short summer vacay seems to have been *just* enough time for the kiddos to forget basic arithmetic, handwriting, and how to read, apparently.  I’ve heard more “I can’t do it” and “it’s too hard” and “I can’t remember” today than I really care to.  I really want to bash my head against the wall, but I am settling for eating a fattening, blood-sugar spiking (zomg!) tater tot casserole instead.

P stayed home to help me out (I’ve got a serious case of steroid swelling/pain/insomnia going on) so he assisted with lessons again.  My normally zen husband even got frustrated with their attitudes.  Now, I know that most kids detest school of any form and I have no delusions that my littles are going to lovelovelove learning just because we’re doing it at home.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the complaints are par for the course.  It’s just that, they’re not usually so bad.  Since we’ve typically gone no longer than three weeks in a row with no lessons (and that was at the height of my illness on the train to chemo crazytown) I’m perfectly fine with placing the blame on “Summer Break.”  It’s okay, we’re back on our year-round schedule and things will normalize soon enough.  In the meantime, we’ll all whine and complain.


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