The notebook

No.  Not that romantic pap.  MY notebook.  Or notebooks.  I have several since I tend to lose them or use whatever I can find when I need to jot something down.  These books are filled with ideas, notes to self, designs, whatever.  I don’t know what to call it, but I tend to obsess over an idea until it is either (a) completed, (b) written down, or (c) horror of horrors forgotten.  The notebooks serve two purposes.  They are placeholders until I either am able to or want to see a design come to fruition.  That way I am able to give P some rest from my incessant ramblings and I am able to get some sleep.

… I’m rambling right now.

What I was getting on here to talk about today was the state of my health, both mental and physical.  My platelets and hemoglobin are both within normal limits, ergo, I am feeling somewhat human again.  As a side note, normal levels means an increase in chemo dosage.  It got bumped up to 75% today.  We’ll see what next week’s CBC brings us.  Back to feeling normal… I have energy to do more than moan on the couch and I’m bored.  This means that I’m jonesin’ to do stuff.  What it really means is that I’ve got a ton of DIY projects pinned, a half-finished quilt on my dining room table, and a notebook filling with home renovation ideas.

So far, I’m planning to change the kids’ rooms.  C has requested a Borderlands theme and D has requested Monster High.  I’m also planning to work on the rest of the house as well.  I want a complete change.  To be honest, it would be easier to move, but P and I went through all of the pros and cons over the course of a few months before finally deciding that it would be better to stay put until I finish chemo.  I’m fine with staying, but the house has to have a total revamp.  This is not just a cure for my boredom.  Everywhere I look, the sounds, the smells *particularly at this time of year* reminds me of illness and death.  It consumes me, and the closer I get to anniversary time, the worse the depression gets.  If I have to stay within these walls, I have to change them.

So now I plan.  It’s going to be a challenge, particularly since I’m under a tight budget, but I look forward to it.

I’ll be putting pictures up of the progress.



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