The Amherst Rape or Why I Think So Many of the Uber Wealthy Seem Like Sociopaths

*Trigger Warning*

**Regarding the sociopath comment, a quick Google search will bring a plethora of articles and blog posts.  This is just the first one.
I read this last night. It is appalling and comes with a trigger warning. Do you want to know what is *the most* appalling? It’s not (entirely) the way that the administration treated the victim while her attacker got off scot-free…it’s that this is an actual problem. It may just be me, but I see a connection between this story and the ruthlessness and lack of compassion that we see among the Wall Street set. These people think that they are above the law. They see things through a predator’s eyes. That there are no consequences for their actions. And, sadly, they’re right. This article  illustrates how these people can do whatever they want without repercussion. That nobody will stop them. That they can do it again.

We mock Romney and Ryan and Akin and the like for their distorted views on “the lesser folk” (I mean women, minorities, and the poor). But really, we don’t look at *why* they think this way. We don’t inspect why these people think that they can just take without conscience. I think this article sums it up quite nicely.

What we see is a man taking from a woman. Not only is the man *not* punished, the authorities in the scenario go one step further and punish the woman, the victim. Any time she gets mad, gets vocal, or threatens to go above their heads, she is punished further. Anything to silence her.

What they are teaching the attacker, as well as anyone who knows the situation, that there are no consequences for their actions, ever. It is disgustingly eye opening.



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